Want to have a strong hair? – Then use this simple homemade mask!

So if you think that you are loosing too much hair daily, you probably have problem with it.

The today market is full with shampoos and conditioners that that convince you in their effectiveness for hair loss and its strengthening over time. At the same, there are different recent formulas that impose that they will help your hair growth, making your hair looks extensive and making you happy with that kind of hair.

But no one can guarantee that these hair restores really are effective, and if they are not giving any desired results, then you will end up loosing and your money and your time and you problem and dissatisfaction with your hair will still be present.

However, there is one simple solution for your hair problem – a home made mask. It’s very easy to prepare and you will need just few ingredients. So, no need to worry that you don’t have enough money or trust for the previous mentioned products. With this mask you will still have thick hair.

The protagonists of the mask say that like an end product of the it’s use you will have beautiful hair and every lost strand will be restored. The base function of the mask is the stimulation growth of new hair. At the same time, the mask contributes to moistening and dampen of your hair, not allowing breaking of the strands which is the only reason for thin hair.

Тhis mask is made from cheap ingredients, so ѕоу will not stay without any money or with thin and damage hair. Rather, your hair will shine. Just apply this easy – to make mask once a week and enjoy the results.


You will need: 1 medium size egg; 1 medium size banana; 1tsp of raw honey; 1/2 cup of beer.

Blend all the ingredients until you get a thick consistency and the process of preparing is finished. It’s simply as that. Now, you just apply the mask to your scalp and very quickly get the desired result.

The best time to use the mask is right after shampooing because then the your scalp is clean from any unwelcome dirt or other formulation that you might be using. Together with the mask, put on a shower cap and let it stay for 1 or 2 hours, then carefully rinse your scalp and hair.

Each of the ingredients has specific effect and all together they are blocking the process of damaging and loosing the strands, helping your hair to grow and becoming more strength.

While banana boosts the ruined parts of the hair, avoiding breaking of the strands, the honey, rich in vitamins and minerals help growth of the new hair. Furthermore, the honey contains antioxidants responsible for the replacement of the damaged hair. Beer is stimulating the hair growth because of the nutrients.

the most important ingredient of the mask is the egg. Everybody knows that the egg is main source of high quality protein which is responsible for strong wisps and at the same time stimulate the growth of the new hair.

Article and image source: www.healthdigezt.com

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