On the other hand, pomegranate juice actually prevents cardiovascular diseases, which can cause a heart attack.
One of the most remarkable clinical studies were hidden for more than a decade. It has now emerged in public and we are pleased to announce that it has been shown that the pomegranate has the ability to heal your body and save millions of lives from premature death due to heart attack.

One of the most important conclusions of the study is as follows: “The consumption of pomegranate juice significantly reduces the index of atherosclerosis, even up to 30% after a year.”

It should not surprise us that the fact that something is naturally much better than artificially produced drugs that are associated with numerous side effects. Now it is only important to explain what we actually have a reduction of atherosclerosis index.

Prevention of atherosclerosis

Your arteries eventually become accumulated a variety of oxidized fats, immune cells and other substances, causing a condition which is popularly known as “clogged arteries”.

How artery becoming thicker, less space for the passage of blood and blood content.

Atherosclerosis index indicates the extent to which the arteries are clogged, or how udebljane. When completely clogged arteries, can lead to death.

So anything that can prevent weight gain and clogged arteries is very important for the prevention of atherosclerosis, and thus the mortality from cardiovascular disease.

We live in a world where cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death and in which preventive drink millions of drugs that only reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but do not prevent dying in case of the occurrence thereof. Why is it such a powerful effect increases neglected?