3. Skin Conditions

Some parasites, such as mites, burrow into your skin and lay eggs. This leads to an allergic reaction that can manifest itself in red bumps, eczema, rashes and hives. According to Reference.com, nearly four out of every five American homes have detectable levels of mites. They can live in bed linings, carpets and drapes.

4. Insomnia

Roundworms live in soil. They can enter your body through your skin or mouth. One of the symptoms of roundworm infection, according to the aptly titled NastyParasites.com, is insomnia.

Roundworms infiltrate your gut, wreaking havoc on beneficial bacteria there.

5. Weight Problems

According to research from Penn State, the protozoan class of parasite can result in metabolic syndrome. The hallmark symptom of metabolic syndrome is obesity.

6. Joint Pain

According to research from the journal Rheumatology, polyarthritis is a major feature of parasitic infection. Additional research from the journal Parasite Immunology links parasites to other inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

7. Anemia

Anemia, the most common blood condition in the United States, can be caused by a hookworm infection.

According to Healthline, hookworms live in soil and can enter the body through skin. They feed on blood, resulting in the red blood cell deficiency responsible for anemia.

8. Poor Digestion

According to Dr. Oz, intestinal parasites are often to blame for abnormal digestive symptoms like cramping and abdominal pain.

Intestinal parasites include tapeworm, pinworm and ascariasis.